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Darlene Elizabeth Williams
Copy Editor & Proofreader

General Fiction

Whatever your genre, I professionally copy edit and proofread fiction manuscripts to ensure your novel is the best it can be. 

Authors pour their time, heart and soul into writing. Unfortunately, too many self-published novels are unsuccessful because of 1 star reviews deriding the novel for poor editing, grammatical, and spelling errors.

Many authors assert they are best qualified to copy edit and proofread their work, as they are most familiar with it. In fact, this is the reason the author is least qualified. Writers often fail to catch basic typographical errors, misused words, missing text, inaccurate punctuation, and awkward sentences because they are too close to their manuscript.

My advice is to edit your novel until you believe it error-free. The importance of engaging beta readers to provide feedback cannot be underestimated. Then, contact me about copy editing and proofreading. Manuscripts edited by the author to this degree reduce costs for editing and proofreading.

Or, maybe, your imagination is brilliant, but your writing and editing skills are not quite up to par. Together, as a team, we can make your words shine as brightly as your ingenuity.

My goal as a copy editor and proofreader is to apply practical and technical expertise to create a polished, quality-written manuscript ready for submission guidelines, self-publication, awards, contests, and book reviews.

I call insertions and deletions "suggestions". Whether you accept or reject "suggestions" is your call, not mine. 

The relationship between author and editor is built on trust and respect. I do my utmost to retain your voice when editing. This is your story. 

I support Indie and small-press authors. It is my firm belief Indie authors must present work comparable to traditionally published novels. A copy edited and proofread manuscript is the means to accomplish this objective. 

Indie authors on a budget frequently explain they cannot afford a copy editor and proofreader. A deficient novel will earn incremental income, at best. A copy editor and proofreader is vital to obtaining full sales potential via Amazon and professional reviews. Comments stating unreadability of a novel are a sales killer.

A third party assessment of the manuscript is essential for a clear view of these aspects. That involves a copy editor or proofreader reading a manuscript letter by letter, word by word, seeking and correcting these common oversights. 

There are imperfections in traditionally published novels, but the reader typically blames the publisher. The onus for the same transgressions by Indie authors falls squarely on the author’s shoulders.  Readers will not boycott the publisher, but they will blacklist the author.

I offer the potential for your novel to receive the accolades it deserves. 

Invest in your dream as a successful novelist: engage the services of a professional copy editor and proofreader.

Please see below for a description of copy editing and proofreading services.

Historical Fiction

My passion for historical fiction and nonfiction is demonstrated by my 40 years of commitment to reading exclusively historical fiction, and as owner of the popular Darlene Elizabeth Williams HF Review blog, which has garnered more than 560,000 page views.

My knowledge base of history is widespread over centuries and different locales. Historical facts and linguistics are additional features I bring to copy editing and proofreading historical fiction.

I am a member of the Historical Novel Society and adhere to the HNS Review Guidelines.

Please see below for a description of copy editing and proofreading services.


“…commend you on the professional presentation of your work. The fact I live on the other side of the world to you, made not the slightest difference.  I will be happy to recommend your services to other writers.”
Margaret Muir, Author
"Though I thought I had my article pretty well polished, I was surprised to see many changes by Darlene that I agree were needed. It convinced me all the more that a writer needs another trained eye on their manuscript. I also appreciate Darlene's friendly manner."
Debra Brown, Author
Debra Brown's Amazon Author's Page

"A great job! I go over my stuff with a fine tooth comb, but Darlene Williams, with her sharp eye and thoroughness, not only found errors I didn't even know were errors, but improved the content and vocabulary of my manuscript, too. Highly recommended. You won't go wrong here!"
Linda Banche, Author
Linda Banche's Amazon Author's Page

"Darlene Williams proofread a nonfiction book for me on short notice. She was thorough and efficient, and I recommend her highly."

Susan Higginbotham, Author
Susan Higginbotham's Amazon Author's Page

"You will be on my radar for my next novel..."
K.P. Kollenborn, Author
K.P. Kollenborn's Amazon Author's Page

My advisor is[sic] been trying different proofreadings [sic], and after looking at the work you did on my paper,[sic] He asked other people from my research center to send their drafts to you.

Jessica G., Tecnológico de Monterrey

Copy Editing & Proofreading Services

  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Typographical errors
  • Verb tense
  • Phrase structure
  • Sentence structure
  • Repetitive words
  • Excess wordiness
  • Redundancies
  • Fact checking
  • Consistent font
  • Proper formatting
  • Comment queries or suggestions regarding content

Clients receive both a “marked-up” copy and final copy of their work.

I work with PDF, Microsoft, and print documents. My reference materials are the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition, and the Chicago Manual of Style (unless another specific style is requested).


Each project is unique. Rates are dependent upon the complexity of the material and extent of services requested. I typically request the middle three chapters of the manuscript to provide an accurate assessment. This is fair to both the author and myself as a concrete quote is then extended.

For the above reasons, I have purposely not included firm rates. Please do not let this deter you from contacting me. I want to give you the best rate possible based on your manuscript. I support Indie authors, and my rates reflect this.

My rates include two complete passes through the manuscript and provision of a summary of the editing process.

I offer a free edit sample of 1,500 words to confirm we are a "fit".

To keep costs to a minimum and affordable, please provide manuscripts in the English version you intend to publish (UK English or US English). Please also spell check your manuscript prior to delivery. There is an additional cost of $30 per hour for language conversions and spell checks.

For further tips on how to reduce your editing costs, please drop by Karen R. Sanderson's blog for my guest post.

Confidentiality: I do not divulge names of authors and/or projects I am currently working on until the author has published their book. No portions of manuscripts are revealed to third parties. In other words, you can expect and trust in 100 percent confidentiality.

Please contact me at darleneelizabethwilliams@outlook.com for a consultation and pricing package. Skype conference calls can also be arranged.

*All clients receive, as a bonus, a Kindle edition of How I Sold 30,000 Books on Amazon's Kindle - An Easy-To-Follow Self-Publishing Guidebook by Martin Crosbie, an Amazon self-published, overall best-seller phenomenon. Martin's guidebook is exactly that - literal step-by-step instructions on selling your book "...without paying outside companies to help you". I so highly regard Martin Crosbie (as both a personal acquaintance and colleague) and his knowledge, I am offering his book to complement my copy editing and proofreading services.*

Historical Fiction Reader's Feedback Service

I consume historical fiction novels, and I especially enjoy discovering new authors and titles. I read all my novels on Kindle.

The concept of Historical Fiction Reader's Feedback is simple: I highlight editing errors and contact the author to advise them of the locations and nature of the editing whoops. This is done in a respectful, considerate manner. It is not meant as a complaint process but, rather, to assist the author with those little errors that slip through the cracks.

For example, a "he" rather than a "she" can markedly smack a reader, especially if we are talking about a marriage in the 15th century. I simply highlight "he" and at the end of the novel, I contact the author privately and inform them of the missing "s" and the location.

If you are interested in this service, please contact me through Facebook or via email. For a nominal fee of $50, you have an objective reader, who is also an editor and proofreader, ensuring your manuscript is "clean", leaving the path clear for favorable reviews that focus on your novel, rather than those little inevitable oops. 


Please contact me via either of the following to discuss how we can, as a team, make your words sing:

  • Email at darleneelizabethwilliams@outlook.com

How the Water Falls by  K.P. Kollenborn
(Edited and Proofread)

The Woodvilles by
Susan Higginbotham
The Ringmaster's Daughter by
Grace Elliot
(Edited and Proofread)

1603: The Queen's Revenge by
1603; The Queen's Revenge by
Linda Root
(Edited and Proofread)

The Unfortunate Isles by
M.C. Muir
(Copy Edit and Proofread)
Kurinji Flowers by Clare Flynn
(Copy Edit and Proofread)

Further books are added as they are published.

Pinterest - Historical Fiction Novels Worth Reading

My Pinterest Board - Historical Fiction Novels Worth Reading - provides a comprehensive list of historical fiction novels I have read in the past few years and some favorite older publications, which I believe are worthy of recommendation.

I continue to add pins upon merit.  


~ Editorial Freelancers Association
~ Historical Novel Society

About Me

I am a historical fiction author, and also have numerous contemporary short stories published in anthologies and online publications.

I am the nonfiction author of Freelance Writing Express - How to Earn $$$ Within Two Weeks. This comprehensive guidebook for freelance writers launching a successful career is available via the link below.

I invite you to visit my author website Darlene Elizabeth Williams Author to view my historical fiction novel reviews, Indie Chats, and blog posts.